• After Measurement of ε' and ε" at Each Temperature

    Values of tanδ, Half-Power Absorption Depth, and 'equivalent conductivity' are calculated

    tanq formula
  • The 400 MHz to 2986 MHz TM0n0 cavity system

    (in cross-section)


Measuring microwave material dielectric properties since 1996.

What We Do

MPN measures microwave material dielectric properties

What clients say

  • I think the type of service and responses after the test from you is one of the best I have ever experienced.
  • Microwave Properties North was able to quickly and accurately measure the microwave properties of our materials, confirming the characteristics for a new process that we were looking for. This allowed us to move forward to bring a new product to market.
  • Ron brings years of experience to microwave property measurement and is a pleasure to work with.

Our measurements can reduce your development costs by answering these crucial questions :

Our services include

After measurement of ε' and ε", calculation of values of tanδ and the Half-Power Penetration Depth and the “equivalent conductivity” using the following formulas:

Our customers

Our customers have included many groups working at the forefront of developing innovative microwave-based industrial processes or new materials for microwave system applications, such as Dow-Corning, Owens-Corning, PEPSICO, Saint Gobain, Schlumberger, SUNCOR, GE Research, Kimberly Clark, SCHOTT Glas, Geological Survey of Canada, Ceradyne, Cameco Corp., Sherrit Inc., NRCAN, Rio Tinto ….

We have also done collaborative work with several university groups, including Prof. David Clark, Materials Science & Engineering, Virginia Tech, Prof. Chris Pickles, Queens` University Mining Engineering, Prof. Jason Zhang, Dept. Chem. Eng., Univ. of Ottawa Prof. Jiann-Yang Hwang , Michigan Technological University

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